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The mkisofs tool is used for premastering iso9660 filesystems which are used on CDROMs. The output of mkisofs can then be sent to a CDROM writer with a utility such as cdrecord.

Note: I no longer maintain mkisofs.  The information on this page was current in March 1999 and has not been updated since then.

The currently released version of mkisofs is 1.11.3. There is no beta available. This version is a bugfix release from the 1.11 version, and contains the following features which were new since 1.05:

Support for multi-session
Support for writing El-Torito bootable cdroms.

Download mkisofs-1.11.3

A new release (1.12) is in late beta testing. The new features include:

Support for multiple sources (i.e. multiple directory trees can be merged).

Support for Joliet.

Download mkisofs-1.12b5

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